• Scottie Jordan

Stay Strong & Keep Your Faith.

We left the chaos of the big city and headed to my mother-in-laws cabin in Flagstaff to be around family & the peace & quiet that nature has to offer. It’s been much needed...

These last few months have been challenging to say the least. For the longest time I’ve been praying, hoping, and believing for God to bring me that next thing - career advancement, more money, more opportunities, more responsibility .... but instead of that, here comes a global pandemic that stops everything. My mind has been racing, my anxiety has been nonstop, and the feelings of shame that I’m not doing enough have been constant ... maybe you can relate. But this last week has reminded me that even though it may not look like it, God is still in control... & maybe our expectations aren’t met because he wants to exceed them.

I heard in a sermon this morning that, “A lot of times we spend our time running from the things that God wants to use to lead us into our new season & into our greatest effectiveness.” So I’m going to try my best to stop running from what God is trying to do in this new season & I wanted to gently remind you to do the same.... “People can’t see how strong your God is if your battles are never fierce.” So bring it on!



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