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I remember growing up and hearing My Mom tell me things like, “one day when you get married….”. What usually came next was some sort of encouraging word I needed to hear or a lesson I needed to learn. Because she was a single mother, it was up to her to make sure that when I finally did grow up and decide to get married, I would be ready for it and being ready for it meant knowing and having a relationship with the one person who I needed more than any other person, place, or thing; that person is Jesus.

This was her life’s mission and she took NO DAYS OFF!!

Mom raised me in church and when I say she raised me in church, what I mean is she would come in my room every Sunday morning and force me to get out of bed, even when I didn’t want to (which was most weeks). She would constantly remind me that, “as long as I lived under HER roof and ate HER food, I will go to church and I will serve the Lord.” So every Sunday, with my clothes ironed, my hair done, and my teeth brushed, I would be at church tired & angry, listening to a preacher talk about Jesus.

Now If I can be honest, at such an early age I didn’t really understand what it all meant. The reason I went was obviously because Mom made me. I remember being so bored that to make the time go by faster, I would do things like sign my autograph on my notepad at least a hundred times. Or I would countdown the minutes to 12 pm, because I knew when church was dismissed, we’d get to have lunch and I could go kick a ball or something.

Now Fast Forward 20 + years and here we are: Mom’s spreading her wings in Heaven and I just got back from My Honeymoon, now married to my soul mate and working hard everyday at keeping Jesus first in our marriage and in our life. I sometimes think back to those early Sunday mornings when Mom would come in my room, pull the covers off me, and tell me to get my butt in the shower. I can’t believe how much of a pain I was… It would’ve been much easier for her just to give up and let me do what I wanted, but she didn’t do that. No matter how hard it was, she always stayed consistent because she knew that if there was going to be any hope in me having a good life and a good marriage, God had to be first. I’m amazed and grateful for her consistency.

As I’ve gotten older, I now understand the reasons for Mom raising me the way she did. From her own life experience, she knew there is an enemy and his name is satan. His attacks are real, and if we’re not careful, he will bring destruction to our lives and cause us to miss out on our God-Given Destiny.

This is why we need Jesus - his forgiveness, his direction, his grace, his strength, & his love – because, “true peace isn’t found in the absence of problems. True peace is found in the presence of God.” The more we draw near to God and the more we resist the devil, the more peace we’ll have.

I need Gods presence in my marriage and in every other aspect of my life. I’ve seen his hand on my relationship with my wife, and it amazes me to see how far he’s brought us. By no means am I a perfect husband and I never will be. But I promise to keep going to Jesus: with my doubts, my fears, and with my praise. I will try my best to lead my family in our walk with God and continue trusting in him, even when it’s easier not to.

I will never forget to do this because My Mom stayed CONSISTENT.

I felt the need to write this blog post because I’ve seen firsthand what God can do when we keep showing up.

To the Moms reading this - Please stay consistent in raising your children. I know times will get hard and it may seem like there’s nothing else you can do, but please continue praying for your child & believing in their future. If you can do this, I believe that Lord will answer your prayers and all the adversity you’ve faced and all the tears you’ve cried will be worth it and will all make sense because you said “Yes” to God.

I’m grateful for the strength of every Mother who keeps showing up!

Thank You Mom.


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