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The Lies of Success and Why I Believed Them

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With everything the world sometimes throws at us, it's easy to get caught up in the race for success. We hustle, hustle, hustle, & we fight, fight, fight. I'm so guilty of it. And what ends up happening, to me at least, is I eventually break down because I've put so much on my shoulders, which causes unnecessary stress. I do this to myself because of the memories I have growing up and seeing my mom struggle financially. I remember the lights being turned off because we didn’t pay the bill. I remember wearing old clothes because we couldn’t afford new ones. And I remember riding in my mom’s old beat up red Bonneville that never had any gas in it. Money was tight and I hated it.

I always said that when I got older, things would be different. I wanted to be the type of Man & father who fights for his dreams so that one day I can support my family financially. The type of husband who always pays the bills on time and the type of father who can give his kids a nice life. Everyday is a new opportunity to get me closer to my goals, even if that meant going over and beyond of what I’m capable of doing. “If I’m not working towards my dreams, someone else will.”

Now, as time has passed and without me even realizing it, that type of thinking has made me feel like I need to prove to the world, to my fiance, and to my family, that I'm good enough (which as I'm writing this sounds so silly.) But what I've realized, especially in this past year, is that no amount of work, no amount of success, & no amount of money will determine who I am as a Man. What determines that is always remembering the way My Mother and family raised me. I was raised to love God, to be kind to people, and to always help those in need. I was raised to treat My Fiance and all women with the love and respect they deserve. And what I've really come to understand in the last 12 months, is that I was raised to do exactly what My Mom did for me starting at a very young age >>> Encourage, Inspire, and Add Value...Especially in the lives of young people. That's the work I want to do. If I do those things, trust in God, and always keep believing, I know I'm gonna succeed...Because Success to me is LIVIN to my full potential and my full potential is everything I wrote above. I'm still gonna Grind and I'm still gonna work hard to be successful just like I hope you do. It's just that sometimes those things we strive for and want so bad, are already inside of us.

For the rest my life, I just wanna be ME and you be YOU, because we are good enough.....just the way we are.

Hope this Encourages somebody. #LIVIN' P.S. >>> Hi MOM! -TheGentleMentour

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